House At the Golden Tiger


Dům U Zlatého tygra

Originally a Gothic burgher house from the 14th century, the building underwent Renaissance and Baroque conversions. Only the Gothic gate remains, above which a relief of a creeping tiger has hung since 1702. This was the favourite pub of the author Bohumil Hrabal, and it’s popular not only for its earthy atmosphere, but certainly also for its perfectly poured Pilsner. There’s no guarantee you’ll find an available place to sit here.


The originally burgess two-storied house was owned by a cutler named Hanuš in 1429. The house emblem at that time reminded of a digger, a how, or a hook. According to the history of the house, written for the barflies in 1943 upon the request of František Skořepa, the pub owner, the most famous guest of the beer house, writer Bohumil Hrabal, used to say that he went to the Pub at the Hook. In 1523, bachelor Jakub Mráček named the house At the Black Lion. However, two other Prague houses already had that name, and so in 1786, the owner Jan František Lehr renamed the house At the Golden Tiger. The changing of the name took place during Baroque reconstruction, when this new house emblem was installed in the front. The front of the house is very narrow, but it reaches quite deep, and it has two more yard wings with a small covered yard between them. A Gothic portal was preserved on the house with a tower, which was increased in 1514. The original cellars, still used by the beer house today, have Gothic wagon vaults, just like the rear part of the ground floor. The house was not always a beer house. In 1835, there was a renowned Šoch Caffé, with regular guests like Josef Kajetán Tyl, Karel Hynek Mácha or Karel Sabina. The sign on the house saying Plzeň Beer House At the Golden Tiger only occured later. In 1994, president of the U.S.A. Bill Clinton was here together with President Václav Havel. Writer Bohumil Hrabal was a regular guest here.

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