Do you know where to park in Prague? We’ll help you! Our city boasts a well-structured parking system, even offering the option to extend parking remotely via a mobile app. To help you navigate the various parking options, we have prepared the following overview for your convenience.

Parking with cars is limited in most parts of the city through the use of parking zones. In the city center, parking is permitted primarily for residents. Motorists can pay for parking using parking meters or virtual parking meter mobile applications and websites.

There are catchment parking lots – called P + R (park + ride) car parks – at various locations on the outskirts of Prague. They are an ideal option for those who arrive by car but want to travel around the city by public transport. The parking fee is CZK 50 – 100 per day. 

Motorcycle Parking — in Prague, motorcycles are exempt from the obligation to pay a parking fee in paid parking zones. Motorcycles may not be parked on the sidewalk under road traffic rules.

To help you understand the various parking options available in Prague, we’ve put together this overview for you.

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