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Prague Royal Route

Have you heard of the Royal Route, the route taken by the coronation processions of Czech kings from the Royal Court to Prague Castle? Which monarch was the first and which the last to travel along it? And who was the only woman to sit on the Czech throne? Follow the Royal Route with our new illustrated map! 


Prague Tales and Legends

Did you know where the Devil's Column is in Prague? Or where you can find a severed hand or a wondrous sword? Explore the myths of the Headless Templar, the Waterman, the Fiery Man, or the Hairy Ghost with our map. It'll be terrifyingly fun! 


Prague Jewish Town

Did you know that Prague is home to Jewish monuments that people from all over the world come to see? That the Golem (an artificial man created by Rabbi Löw to protect the ghetto and its people) might rest in the attic of the Old Synagogue? And that if you place a stone on the rabbi’s grave in the Old Jewish Cemetery, you can make a wish? Set out to discover all the secrets of the Jewish Town with our illustrated map!


Prague Architectural

Did you know that Prague Castle is one of the few places in the world that has been the seat of a head of state for over a thousand years?  Which square used to be called the Horse Market? And why is there a kingfisher on the facade of the Old Town Bridge Tower? Who built the Municipal House? Set out with our map to discover the secrets of a thousand years of Prague’s architecture and dazzle your friends and parents! 


Literary Prague

Did you know that the National Library at the Klementinum houses a book that is a thousand years old? Or that Franz Kafka, one of the most important authors of the 20th century, was born in the Old Town? Or that the poet Jaroslav Seifert has a monument in Žižkov made of a curb stone that broke away from the pavement and floated into the sky like a ribbon? Set out to discover the literary secrets of Prague with our map and dazzle your friends, parents and Czech teacher alike!


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Literary Prague, Prague Architectural, Prague Jewish Town, Prague Royal Route, Prague Tales and Legends


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