John Lennon Wall


Zeď Johna Lennona

Shortly after the death of John Lennon, this stone wall surrounding the Maltese Gardens was transformed into an impromptu memorial with a painting of the singer's face. Lighted candles accompanied quotes from John’s songs about world peace and freedom, and soon slogans criticizing the totalitarian regime began to appear. With the arrival of democracy, the wall has lost some of its significance. Now it is decorated by a portrait of John Lennon and pictures created by more than 30 artists from five countries. Everyone still can express his/her opinion there, while using a pencil, a fix or a piece of chalk. Spraying is forbidden there.

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The new central motif of the renovated wall is the world map where you will find the word “FREEDOM” written in 30 languages.

The curator of the art re-decoration was designer Pavel Šťastný; sculptor Kurt Gebauer, designers Ester and Lela Geislerová, jewellery-maker Viktorie Beldová, actress Jana Plodková, glass artists Vladimír Kopec and Jakub Berdych were involved in the re-decoration too.

The renovated wall was unveiled on November 7, 2019 and it was declared a memorial place.

The Wall is the Property of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.

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