Dancing House


Tančící dům

This pillar of modern architecture in Prague “danced” onto the Rašínovo Embankment in 1996. The project comes from the drawing board of world-renowned architects Vlado Milunić and Frank O. Gehry. Its concept was inspired by the dance skills of the famous film couple – the stone tower symbolizes Fred Astaire and the glass tower, his partner Ginger Rogers. A gallery and a restaurant with a terrace offering a 360° view of Prague can be visited in the Dancing House.


The Dancing house was built in the years 1992 – 1996. The house that stood there before was destroyed during the American air bombing of Prague on the 14th February of 1945. In 1992 the land was bought by the Netherlander insurance company Nationale Nederlanden. They selected the building project from the architect Vlado Milunic and the worldwide acknowledged architect and designer Frank O. Gehry was invited to cooperate. This co-operation gave birth to a unique deconstructive building with plastic elements, which at the same time harmonizes with the surrounding buildings. It is one of the few Prague houses that dynamically enters the space of the street. The building is metaphorically called the Dancing House or also Ginger and Fred. It is named this way because of the towers reminding of the famous dancers Ginger Rogers and Fred Astair. The male part of the dancing couple is represented by a rock tower and the woman is symbolized by a tower made of glass. The top of the male tower is covered with imaginary hair. The author is Frank O. Gehry. The interiors were partly designed by the British architect of Czech provenience Eva Jiřičná. Nowadays, there are hotel in the building, gallery and a luxury restaurant with a terrace and a beautiful view.The building was awarded the prestige prize of the American Time magazine – it won the category of design in 1996.

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